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Power to weight PERFECTION

The all-new 14.4V Cordless Impact Wrench from Snap-on puts you in control of new levels of torque.

The all new brushless CT861 takes the 14.4V range to the next level. The same compact design comes equipped with a brushless motor providing 40% more bolt breakaway torque, now producing an outstanding 305nm. There has also been a significant increase of 25% in working torque taking it to 203nm. With a free speed of 2500rpm and 3000 blows per minute, this tool is able to work on a wider range of jobs in the workshop.

As part of the upgrade, the new version has an LED Tri-beam headlight, giving you a much brighter work area for added flexibility. The cushion grip handle is designed to provide you with comfortable, non-slip control for less fatigue over time. There is also a fuel gauge to indicate the battery charge state.

The new 2.5Ah battery helps power this device for longer, allowing you to complete more tasks between battery charges. If upgrading your tool (body only), the CT861 works with all of the current Snap-on 14.4V batteries that you may already have for your existing tools.

For more details and to ask for a demo of the new brushless Impact Gun or to see the other tools in the 14.4V interchangeable MicroLithium battery range, speak to your franchisee today.

Not sure who your franchisee is? Click here to go to our franchisee finder!

Published by Snap-on Marketing Team

30 May 2024

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