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Join the Revolution with Intelligent Diagnostics Live on ZEUS

The revolutionary new Snap-on® Intelligent Diagnostics live on ZEUS is the ultimate time-saver and provides technicians with the fastest path to complete the job.

ZEUS is the first tool to operate exclusively with Intelligent Diagnostics and what makes it unique is that it anticipates the technician’s next move and guides them through every step to find the solution by displaying only information relevant to the specific vehicle and fault code.

Not only is ZEUS comprehensive enough to provide all the diagnostic and repair tips that technicians need, but it’s also smart enough to skip the ones they don’t.

“ZEUS is the smart choice for anyone who wants the most troubleshooting and repair information possible and wants to access it without wading through unnecessary steps,” said Mark Ost, UK General Manager for Diagnostics and Equipment at Snap-on.

Equipped with new Intelligent Diagnostics software, ZEUS offers a scan tool, lab scope, functional tests, exclusive Fast-Track® guided component tests, SureTrack® expert information, technical service bulletins (TSB) and much more.

What makes Intelligent Diagnostics unique is the information it provides is specific to that code and that vehicle, guiding technicians through the diagnostic process.

ZEUS pulls in “Smart Data” from Intelligent Diagnostics to automatically configure the display to show vehicle data parameters (PID) relevant to the fault code, while non-related data parameters are filtered out to save technicians time.

It also highlights vehicle data that is out of expected range.

The accompanying compact scan module is wireless, and is conveniently out of the way when connected to a vehicle.

The One-Touch Full Vehicle Code Scan and Clear capability quickly checks and clears codes for all available modules on the vehicle.

ZEUS includes manufacturer-level diagnostic functions, tests and coverage previously found only in expensive factory tools.

Join the Revolution with Intelligent Diagnostics Live on ZEUS

Accessing the Intelligent Diagnostics features on ZEUS requires an applicable software agreement, which more than pays for itself through its depth of information and time savings.

The inclusion of Intelligent Diagnostics makes ZEUS the most sophisticated and intuitive diagnostic tool that Snap-on has ever created.

Find out more by visiting diagnostics.snapon.co.uk/zeus or speaking to your local Snap-on Franchisee.

Published by Snap-on Marketing Team

30 May 2024

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