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Our help-to-buy

Being your own boss costs less than you might think.
We have the utmost confidence in our franchise which is why, when you invest in us, we’ll invest in you too.

We believe that everyone has the right to achieve their dream of working for themselves, so, we have our own in house bank to help you.

Fully regulated and Government Approved, Snap-on Finance offers business loans to fund the purchase of your franchise. This means there’s no need to go through the High Street banks.

We have the utmost confidence in our franchise

payment break for
first three months

We’re prepared to help you get on your feet because we know you can make the business a success, pay us back in full and make a profit.

Depending on how you pay for various parts of the business, including whether you buy or lease your mobile store, your start-up out-of-pocket expense can vary.

Fixed, regular payments mean you can manage your cash flow and always know exactly where you are with your finances.

what you get

What you

The franchise package includes everything you need to successfully launch and run your business:
  • All starter stock
  • Dallas training week
  • UK head office training programme
  • Dedicated support team
  • Exclusive, protected territory
  • Operations manuals
  • Advanced sales and stock IT system
  • Continuous training and support including monthly franchisee forums, annual conferences and workshops.

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