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The ZEUS+™, APOLLO-D9™, TRITON-D10™ and SOLUS LEGEND™ – pinpointing complex problems begin with identifying the right diagnostic tool.

The tools help you improve your diagnostic accuracy and reduce repair times thanks to our quality products and industry-leading capabilities.

Our complete diagnostic platform range is backed up with expert training and support to help you get the most out of your tool.

If you’re not sure what Snap-on Platform you need have a look at our Tool Matcher.

Everything you need
nothing you don’t!


Driven by Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics software and built to meet the demands of today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected shop environment, the new ZEUS+™is the most advanced information-driven scan and scope device in the industry.


TRITON-D10™ with Fast-Track® Intelligent Diagnostics. The complete multifunction diagnostic scan tool and scope multimeter that gets you to the information you need to make the repair fast.

Snap-on® Diagnostic Software

Upgrading to the new diagnostic software release from Snap-on® will see you benefit from improved productivity and more vehicle coverage than ever before – preparing you to take on the toughest jobs with confidence.

Update your TPMS4 software with TPMSconnect

TPMSconnect allows the user to register the TPMS4 tool and to update the tool with the most current software version.


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