3/8” Ratchets

Snap-on offers a wide range of 3/8” ratchet styles.  Many feature our patented Dual 80® Technology with an 80 tooth gear and offer up to 25% less ratcheting arc to engage the next  tooth.

Each head is sealed to keep dirt and other contaminants out of the mechanism to ensure durability and enable continuous ratcheting to the highest standard. The FX80A and FR80 are finished in Chrome for easy clean up.

The FX80A has a standard handle and locking flexible head.

The FR80 has a standard handle and quick release and positive locking feature to hold the socket in place and push button for easy socket removal.

The GF80 comes in an industrial finish, with a standard handle.

If you think you need one of our Snap-on 3/8” ratchets in your tool kit, get in touch with your franchisee and see for yourself why our quality is undisputed!