The new voltage reference probe from Blue-PointÒ offers higher accuracy and is safer and faster to use. It allows an input voltage from 0.5V to 7V in 0.5V increments to be sent to a sensor or circuit. The 1.5A output and internal safe guards are designed to put voltage into components without damaging the ECU.

This tool also allows you to bypass the component and send the desired voltage back to the ECU, implying that the sensor is working and allowing you to remove the fault code. Therefore you will be left in no doubt that the sensor is at fault! Additionally, an LED light shows the battery voltage and indicates low voltage by flashing.

The Blue-PointⓇ voltage reference probe is suitable for use on 12V and 24V systems and can be used for many applications, including but not limited to: Accelerator pedal voltage up to 5V, EGR signal voltage up to 5V, Diesel regulator valves, throttle bodies, cam & crankshaft sensors, MAP & MAF sensors, LIN lines for wipers, parking sensors, temperature sensors and oil pressure sensors. Ask your franchisee about this great new VR probe and make your work safer, faster and more accurate!