Snap-on has a wide selection of handheld diagnostic tools available to suit all technicians, combining advanced features and functionality with profitable solutions.

The tools help you improve your diagnostic accuracy and reduce repair times thanks to our quality products and industry-leading capabilities.

At the heart of each unit is Snap-on's Diagnostic Software - the key to ensuring you get the most from your tool. With regular updates, and tens of thousands of new codes and systems allowing workshops to deal with more vehicles than ever before, you definitely don’t want to miss out - and our Subscription programme can help you to keep up to date at the lowest possible cost.

Our complete diagnostic platform range is backed up with expert training and support to help you get the most out of your tool.

The videos and guides are available for free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and show you the latest diagnostic techniques.

They are accompanied by our series of Diagnostic Quick Tips features – which are based on real case studies and show how to apply diagnostics to specific vehicles and applications through short demonstrations of our tools to solve common problems.

Find out more about the range of Snap-on vehicle diagnostic equipment.

Modis Edge

Product information

With powerhouse speed and performance, the MODIS Edge offers legacy reliability with the newest Edge features. A combo scanner and scope/graphing meter with exclusive SureTrack® Expert Information, it is slim, light, fast and strong. Booting in 5 seconds and sporting a big 8-inch display, find new Instant ID and quick links to common procedures to get you right down to business. Exclusive Guided Component Tests show how to test, where to connect and what to look for to eliminate guesswork. A new Vehicle System Report offers Global OBD-II Code and Readiness Monitor results for available systems delivering convincing estimates for greater customer confidence.

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Update your TPMS4 software with TPMSconnect

TPMSconnect allows the user to register the TPMS4 tool and to update the tool with the most current software version. In order to install TMPSconnect, simply click on the link below and save to your desktop. Extract the file from the zip folder and double click to begin the install. Once the software is installed, register the tool and then install the most up to date software.