The New ATECH3F300B ½” Techangle Torque Wrench

At Snap-on, we are always looking to improve our products. This is why we decided to give our popular torque wrench a make-over: Introducing the new ½” Techangle Torque Wrench! With a new design, an even greater length and increased torque, it is everything you ever wanted in a torque wrench and more.

It comes in four of our popular colours (red, green, orange and hi-vis) and features a yoke design, providing optimum access even in to hard-to-reach areas. A large backlit LCD display makes viewing easier in tight spaces and is  one of four torque alerts; the others being dual progressive LEDs, audio alert and vibration. The design features an over-moulded non-slip handle with a flared end to provide secure grip in every application.

This torque wrench measures a whopping 30” in length and is also fully programmable to allow quick changing of units of measurement to suit specific applications. The Snap-on Dual 80 Technology provides superior torque with a minimal swing arc, while the flex-head design offers effortless torque transfer and increased accessibility in tight areas. All these design and technology improvements come together to create an increased torque range of 20-406Nm, the biggest ever for a Snap-on ½” techangle torque wrench!

Some of the many applications this new and improved torque wrench lets you work on are shock absorbers, drive axle hub nuts, caliper mounting bracket bolts, steering gears, spindle nuts and crank balance fasteners. But these are just a few! Be sure to speak to your local franchisee to get a demo next time he visits and see for yourself why the Snap-on ATECH3F300B ½” Techangle Torque Wrench is a must-have for your tool collection!