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Critical industries support our world’s fundamental infrastructure. Maintenance in critical industries requires precision, control & repeatability. The environment is sometimes extreme, even punishing, and there is often a high consequence of failure. At the same time, competition is fierce and productivity and profitability must be maximized.

Snap-on Industrial makes work easier for Manufacturing and Maintenance professionals that need tools, systems, and solutions to keep their workers safe, make their work easier, whilst keeping their operation running.

Snap-on Industrial provides solutions for critical industries such as Aerospace, Education, Energy and Natural Resources, Defence & Government, Maintenance, Transportation, Manufacturing and Assembly. For more information, browse our catalogues online (see links on the right).

At Snap-on Industrial we have one goal: to enhance your productivity. With a dedicated team located in the UK, we have the capability to develop customised programs and solutions to meet your production and asset management needs.

As part of a global Industrial business we specialise in 'business to business’ relationships. If your company is responsible for the procurement of your tools, we can help.

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